Current Statistical Discrepancies

Below is a list of numerical discrepancies between my database and other sources (notably CricketArchive, Wisden and CricInfo). Due to the possibility of typographical error in either of these comparative sources, I have yet to concede all of them as errors on my behalf. This page will also list errata and changes to existing data as time goes by.
Afghanistan Abdullah Mazari CArchive/HTS has DOB Mar. 7, 1987, CI has Jan. 1, 1987 Australia MJ Bennett Aus-WI 1984/85 CArchive has 22.5 overs (Inn.1), CI/HTS has 22.4 NW Bracken DLF Cup Final 2006-07: CArchive has 7-0-15-3, CI/HTS has 7-0-16-3 and 1 wide Pak-Aus ODI3 2009: CArchive has 2*, CI/HTS has 3* BJ Haddin Aus-WI T2 2009/10 CArchive has 20*, CI/HTS has 21* (Inn.2) NM Hauritz Pak-Aus ODI3 2009: CArchive has 19*, CI/HTS has 18* GB Hogg Aus-NZ ODI3 2007-8: CArchive has 5.5 overs, CI/HTS has 6 overs MG Johnson Scot-Aus ODI 2013: CArchive has 10 overs, CI/HTS has 9.5 overs GF Lawson Aus-Pak T4 1983/84 CArchive has 7 maidens (Inn.2), CI/HTS has 8 SCG MacGill Aus-Eng T1 1998/99: CArchive has 4 maidens, CI/HTS has 3 (Inn.2) GD McGrath Aus-Eng T5 1998/99: CArchive has 1 maiden, CI/HTS has 1 (Inn.2) BA Reid Aus-Ind 1985/86 CArchive has 2 maidens (Inn.2), CI/HTS has 1 GR Robertson Pak-Aus T3 1998/99: CArchive has 5 maidens, CI/HTS has 4 (Inn.1) SK Warne Aus-Pak T2 1999/00: CArchive has 45.4 overs, CI/HTS has 45.5 (Inn.2) SR Watson Aus-SL ODI3 2010/11: CArchive has 16 runs, CI-HTS has 15 runs (Aus-Eng WSC#3 1979-80) CArchive has 1-15(Wiener) 2-15(Laird) ... CI-HTS has converse. (Aus-NZ WSC#4 1980-81) CArchive has 5-143(Hughes) 6-145(T Chappell) - CI-HTS has converse. (Aus-WI WSC#15 1983-4) CArchive has Wessels(3-140) Hughes(5-157), CI/HTS has converse. (Aus-WI WSC Final2 1983-4) CArchive has Border(3-161) Wessels(5-176), CI/HTS has converse. (Aus-SL WSC#8 1984-5) CArchive has Wessels(1-68) Wood (2-73), CI/HTS has converse. (Aus-SL WSC#14 1985-6) CArchive has Jones(4-212) Phillips(5-212), CI/HTS has converse. (Aus-WI WSC#12 1985-6) CArchive has: Marsh(2-87) Jones(3-106), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-Eng Final1 1985-6) CArchive has: 1-3(Marsh) 2-3(Zoehrer), CI/HTS has converse (NZ-SAf WSC#11 1993-4) CArchive has Jones(2-49) Taylor(3-57), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-SL WSC Final2 1995-6) CI/HTS has Aust winning by 9 runs (rev.), CArchive by 8 runs (rev.) (Aus-WI DLF Cup#1 2006-7) CArchive has Jaques dismissed at 1-9, CI/HTS has 1-8 (Aus-Eng CB Series #1 2006-7) CArchive has Hayden dismissed at 1-118, CI/HTS has 1-113 (Scot-Aus ODI 2013) CI/HTS has Faulkner 2-32 and Johnson 9.5-3-36-4; CArchive has Faulkner 2-33 and Johnson 10-3-35-4 Bangladesh Women's ODI Series (Ire) 2012 CArchive/HTS has Yasmin Boishakhi as wicketkeeper, CI has Nuzhat Tasnia Bermuda SD Outerbridge (NL-Bmd #2 2007) CArchive has 15 runs, CI/Howzstat has 13 RDM Leverock " " CArchive has 18*, CI/HTS has 17* (NL-Bmd ODI2 2007) CArchive has Basden captain, CI/HTS has Romaine England CH Vintcent 1st Test SAf-Eng 1888/89 (1st Inn) CArchive/HTS have 2 maidens, CricInfo has 4 WH Lockwood Discrepancy of Test 3 deliveries Wisden and I have 1970, CI has 1973 GB Street Catch/stumping discrepancy Wisden states 1 catch taken CricInfo and I state 1 stumping made, 0 catches taken GE Tyldesley SAf-Eng T5 1928/29 CArchive has 0.2 overs, CI/HTS has 0.3 (Inn.2) (Aus-Eng WSC#5 1979-80) Dismissal order for England innings: CArchive has Boycott(2), Gower(3), Willey(4) CI/HTS has Willey(2), Gower(3), Boycott(4) (Eng-WI WSC#11 1979-80) Dismissal order for England innings: CArchive has Willey(2), Gooch(3) CI/HTS has Gooch(2), Willey(3) (Eng-SL ODI4 2006) CArchive has Dalrymple dismissed at 8-273, CI/HTS has 8-272 Kenya JK Kamande (Zim-Ken ODI#3 2009-10) CArchive has dismissed "c Vermeulen b Cremer", CI/HTS has dismissed "run out" (Zim-Ken ODI3 2002-3) CArchive has Odumbe(6-116) Odoyo(7-122), CI/HTS has converse (Scot-Ken WCL#42 2013) CArchive has Obuya dismissed at 4-81, CI/HTS has 4-80 India SC Ganguly Ind-Aus T2 1997/98: CArchive has 3 maidens, CricInfo/HTS has 5 (Inn.1) Harbhajan Singh Ind-Pak T2 2004/05: CArchive has 5 maidens, CricInfo/HTS has 6 (Inn.1) JS Srinath SAf-Ind T3 1996/97: CArchive has 3 maidens, CricInfo/HTS has 5 (Inn.1) NS Yadav Bowled 11 Test deliveries too many. Wisden states 8349, CricInfo and I have 8360. Zaheer Khan CI/HTS has 3 maidens, CArchive 2 (Inn.1) (Aus-Ind WSC#13 1980-1) Dismissal order for India innings: CARchive has Vengsarkar(4) Yashpal(5) Kapil Dev(6) Patil(7) CI/HTS has Yashpal(4) Vengsarkar(5) Patil(6) Kapil Dev(7) Ireland KJ O'Brien World Cricket League #3 2006-07 Ire-Scot: CI/HTS has "c Watson", CArchive has "c McCallum" KED Carroll World Cricket League #8 2006-07 Ire-Ken: CI/HTS has "c +Ouma", CArchive has "c Shah" GH Dockrell World Cricket League 2012 Ire-Afg Match 2: CI/HTS has "c Javed Ahmadi", CArchive has "c Najibullah Zadra" Kenya (WCL #1 2006-07) CI/HTS has DO Obuya as keeper, CArchive has MA Ouma (Bmd-Ken WCQ#20 2008-9) CArchive has Otieno dismissed for 3-173, CI/HTS has 3-172 (Zim-Ken ODI2 2009-10) CArchive has Onyango dismissed at 42.4 overs, CI/HTS has 42.3 (Zim-Ken ODI3 2009-10) CArchive has Ouma dismissed at 36.6 overs, CI/HTS has 36.5 HA Varaiya CI/HTS has 0-36, CArchive has 0-35 Netherlands (NL-Bmd #2 2007) CArchive CricInfo/Howzstat Mudassar Bukhari 1-10 1-9 MMA Jonkman 3-23 3-22 GMC Mol 1-11 1-10 TN de Grooth dismissed at 1-59 1-61 New Zealand RP de Groen SAf-NZ T1 1994/95: CArchive has 4 maidens, CricInfo/HTS has 3 (Inn.2) GM Turner Eng-NZ ODI#2 1974-75: CArchive has Turner as captain, CricInfo/HTS has Congdon (Aus-NZ WSC#4 1980-1) Dismissal order for New Zealand innings: CArchive has McEwen(5), Parker(6), Lees(7), Burgess(8) CI/HTS has Burgess(5), Parker(6), Lees(7), McEwen(5) (NZ-Eng ODI#3 2012-13) CI/HTS CArchive AM Ellis scored 9 8 JEC Franklin scored 13 14 (Ind-NZ WSC#6 1985-6) CArchive has M.Crowe(3-77) Reid(4-83), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-NZ WSC#12 1987-8)CArchive has Crowe(2-30) Jones(3-34) Rutherford(4-48) Patel(5-73) CI/HTS has Jones(2-30) Crowe(3-34) Patel(4-48) Rutherford(5-73) (NZ-SAf WSC#10 1993-4) CArchive has Rutherford(4-46) Thomson(5-58), CI/HTS has converse (NZ-SAF ODI1 2003-4) CArchive has Fleming dismissed 1-45, CI/HTS has 1-44 (SAf-NZ ODI2 2005-06) CArchive has Oram dismissed at 5-126, CI/HTS has 5-127 (Aus-NZ ODI3 2007-8) CArchive has 6th and 7th wickets both falling at 87, CI/HTS has 88 (Aus-Ind CB Series #7, 2007-8) CArchive has Hopes dismissed at 6-115, CI/HTS has 6-112 Pakistan Pak-Ind T4 1954/55: HTS/CricInfo have match starting on Feb.13, CricketArchive has Feb.12 Iftikhar Anjum SL-Pak T1 2005/06: CArchive has 1 maiden, CricInfo/HTS has 0 (Inn.2) Wasim Akram SAf-Pak T1 1994/95: CArchive has 5 maidens, CricInfo/HTS has 4 (Inn.2) (Pak-BD ODI4 2003) CArchive has Younis Khan dismissed at 3-135, CI/HTS has 3-134 (Scot-Pak ODI 2006) CArchive CricInfo/HTS Younis Khan c Lockhart c Watson Shoaib Malik 10-0-33-3 10-0-35-3 Shahid Afridi 10-0-45-1 10-0-42-1 Danish Kaneria 8-0-34-0 8-0-35-0 Pak Fall of Wicket 3-67, 4-80, 5-94 3-66, 4-79, 5-93 Mansoor Amjad Date of Birth: HTS/CricketArchive has 25/12/1987, CricInfo has 14/12/1987 Scotland (Scot-Ire Tri Series 2008) CArchive CricInfo/HTS WK McCallan (Ire) dismissed "b Nel" dismissed "c Smith b Nel" Hamilton (Scot) dismissed "c Haire" dismissed "c Fourie" (Scot-Afg WCL#33 2012-3) CArchive has Haq dismissed at 7-150, CI/HTS has 7-149 (Scot-Aus ODI 2013) CArchive has Drummond dismissed at 44.0 overs, CI/HTS has 43.5 overs South Africa RJ Crisp SAf-Aus T2 1935/36: CArchive has 17.1 overs, CricInfo/HTS has 17 (Inn.2) CArchive states born on March 2, CricInfo/HTS has March 3 JP Duminy SAf-Pak ODI#2 2013-4 CArchive has "c Anwar Ali" CI/HTS has "c sub" JA Rudolph VB Series #9 2005-06: CArchive has Rudolph "c Sanagakkara", CricInfo/HTS has "st Sangakkara" (NZ-SAf WSC#10 1993-4) CArchive has Cronje(3-139) Rhodes(4-141), CI/HTS has converse Sri Lanka (10-Apr-08) ST Jayasuriya Discrepancy of 18 Test deliveries CI states 8188, HTS 8170 KR Pushpakumara SL-ZIM T1 1997/98 (Inn.1) HTS and CricInfo has 4 maidens, CArchive 5. (10-Apr-08) WPUJC Vaas Discrepancy of 1 ODI run conceded CricInfo states 10684, HTS 10685 (Aus-SL WSC#2 1984-5) Order of SL dismissals: CArchive: Dias(4) Mendis(5) deMel(6) deSilca (7) CI/HTS: Mendis(4) deSilva(5) deMel(6) Dias(7) (SL-WI WSC#4 1984-5) CArchive has DS deSilva (9-177), 10-180 (John), CI/HTS has converse (SL-Aus ODI4 2003-4) CArchive Atapattu dismissed at 2-78, CI/HTS has 2-80 (SL-SAf VBS#12 2005-6) CArchive has Atapattu dismissed at 3-192, CI/HTS has 3-190 West Indies AB Barath Aus-WI T2 2009/10: CArchive has 1-0-3-0, CI/HTS has 1-0-4-0 (Inn.2) SJ Benn WI-SAf T1 2010: CArchive has 25 overs, CI/HTS has 24.5 (Inn.2) R Dhanraj Bowled 1 Test delivery too few. CricInfo states 1087, I have 1086. M Dillon CricInfo and HTS has 9 maidens, CArchive 10 (Inn.1) GC Grant Played one Test innings too many (and 1 not out innings) It is likely that I have implied GC Grant batted in the second innings of the First Test against England in 1934/35, where he came in at No. 8 and scored 0 not out. This could differ from what Wisden has listed. BP Patterson Conceded 1 Test run too few. CricInfo states 2875, I have 2874. (Pak-WI WSC#3 1983-4) CArchive has Haynes(2-9) Richards(3-9), CI/HTS has converse (Pak-WI WSC#11 1983-4) CArchive has Gabriel(2-28) Logie(3-52), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-WI WSC#15 1983-4) CArchive has Lloyd(4-92) Haynes(8-156), CI/HTS has converse (Ind-WI ODI1 1983-84) CArchive has WI winning by 26 runs (revised), CI/HTS has 28 runs (revised) (Aus-WI WSC#6 1984-5) CArchive has: Haynes(1-23) Richardson(3-25), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-WI WSC#7 1984-5) CArchive has: Haynes(1-128) Greenidge(2-128), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-WI WSC#9 1984-5) CArchive has: Haynes(1-56) Greenidge(2-58), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-WI WSC Final1 1984-5) CArchive has: Gomes(2-20) Haynes(3-20), CI/HTS has converse (Aus-WI WSC#12 1985-6) CArchive has: Gomes(4-148) Payne(6-174), CI/HTS has converse Zimbabwe EA Brandes Bowled 1 Test maiden too few CricInfo states 63, I have 62 (as at May 7, 1997) GJ Rennie Ind-Zim T1 2001/02 CI/HTS has "c sub (Sehwag)", CArchive has "c Laxman" (Inn.2) V Sibanda Zim-BD ODI5 2011: CI/HTS has "c Tamaim Iqbal", CArchive has "c Imrul Kayes" BT Watambwa Ind-Zim T1 2001/02 CI/HTS has "c Laxman", CArchive has "lbw" (Inn.1) SL-Zim T3 2001/02 CricInfo and I have Ebrahim 1 run and Marillier 0 (Inn.1), CArchive has vice versa (World Cup Zim-Aus 2002-3) CArchive has G.Flower dismissed at 3-113, CI/HTS has 3-112 (WI-Zim ODI7 2006) CArchive has Strydom dismissed at 28.6 overs, CI/HTS has 28.5 (Zim-Ken ODI7 2009-10) CArchive CI/HTS RR Patel dismissed 39.2 ov 39.4 ov TM Odoyo dismissed 7-243 7-244 JK Kamande dismissed 48.2 ov 48.3 ov MA Vermeulen dismissed 2-139 2-141 F Mutizwa dismissed 3-187 3-188 Zimbabwe Team ACC Challenger Cup 2023-24 INA v KSA Shahzaib (KSA) 6nb (CI 7nb) -- Team Score INA 102/9 (CI 103/9)
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