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About Hat Trick Stats
  • HowzStat began in 1996, originally hosted at the School of Earth Sciences in the University of Melbourne, Australia. We are now hosted by Netvantage of Brisbane, Australia.
  • In October 2020 HowzStat became Hat Trick Stats.
  • The database is primarily a collection of encoded match results and scores, held in ASCII files. There are player files and others which hold more general match data (partnerships, team scores and results, etc.) plus some ancillary data files that aid with quick processing of scripts and cgi-bin requests.
  • The database is underpinned by a range of f77/f90 compiled code, some as cgi-bin routines and some bash scripting. This approach lends great flexibility and scope for quick development of new routines, as well as rapid updating of the database with new matches, players (and teams).
  • Development and improvement is constant and ongoing. 2014-15 has seen a new routine for generating records, which will massively increase the ability to develop and query for new record types. There have also been improvements in page layout and site navigation.
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